Attic Drinking: Go Ahead, Judge Me!


One of the best, or perhaps only, things I like about Facebook is having been in touch with a few friends from my long-ago past, people I will likely never again see in my lifetime.

Recently my old friend Russ sent me a video from many years ago. I think I was fourteen or fifteen at the time this home movie—“Attic Drinking”—was shot.

When I first watched the video I laughed heartily and I loved seeing these high school friends I haven’t seen in decades, but I also experienced negative, shaming feelings. How could I have behaved in this appalling fashion—and at such a young age?

I keep asking myself why I’m willing to share this video. For a few laughs? Maybe. But a part of me is cringing inside. As a cautionary tale to other young people? Perhaps. But I’ve managed to live a reasonable life. It’s not like those days as a young and defiant teenager served as the harbinger of my personal ruin.

I guess I’m posting the video as a way to own my past behavior. We all have to take measures of ourselves and hold ourselves accountable: this is who I was, today is who I am.

I’ve shown the video to Harriet and to my two young adult children. I didn’t expect they would find it so entertaining, even harmless. Could it be I’m still a decent husband/father in their eyes?

Sorry, had to remove link for now due to outside influences.

Not everyone is so pleased with this video being “out there.” One of my friends who appears in the video posted a private and cautionary message on Facebook. He’s a VIP who thinks people still care about back then. Maybe he’s planning a later-in-life run for political office. My apologies. Me—I’m just a writer. I’ve already put myself out there, my heart naked and exposed for the world to see. And to judge. If you want to.

A note on the video: It’s short, just three minutes, with no sound. In the first segment, I’m wearing a dark sweater with a strange striping around the collar and down the front. Following a brief and inexplicable interlude showing some animals a the Buffalo Zoo (real animals, not us boys), I appear in the second segment in the St. Joseph Marauders sweatshirt, doing my college prep high school proud!

Watch it here. (no, sorry. I had to remove link for now).

By David Klein

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, journalist, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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