CLEAN BREAK by David Klein

Four lives intersect when Celeste Vanek leaves her husband, Adam. His compulsive gambling and physical threats have poisoned their marriage and emotionally damaged their young son. Celeste moves to a small rental across town, works to gain financial security, and helps her son navigate his fantasy life.

But she quickly finds that starting over is not easy.

Adam demands his family back, and things get out of control. Jake, who witnesses a violent struggle between Celeste and her husband, becomes Celeste’s ally and friend, while struggling with his own emotional and ethical issues. Jake carries a history of failed relationships—one of them with Sara, a married and childless police detective who has a private agenda to pursue when a crime is committed that links these four characters together and changes their lives forever.



“Nail-biting suspense, realistic situations set in a modern world, diverse characters, clever dialogue and superb writing mesh together into a tale that must be read!”
 Minding Spot

“Klein presents strong and believable characters and this reads like a novel that would translate well for the screen . . . [E]ach of the main characters makes decisions that are morally questionable giving the reader much to think about, not least whether a ‘clean break’ is ever really possible, which makes the book a good choice for book clubs.”
 Izzy Reads

“Utterly engrossing and suspenseful, Clean Break is a must-read.”
 She Knows Book Lounge

“I was immediately swept away into Celeste’s story and wanted to know how she was going to handle raising her son and dealing with an abusive relationship.”
 Kritters Ramblings

“Klein’s characters ring true–flaws, warts and all– and you’ll find yourself thinking about them long after you’ve turned the last page.”

“Intense and sharply written novel.”
 ChickLit Plus

“The most moving, powerful fiction most often comes from the stories of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Such is the case with David Klein’s newest book, Clean Break.”
 Book Addict

“If you are looking for a deeper read with some edge to it, this is the book for you!”
 Book Cover Justice

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, journalist, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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