A Year in Review


Are you tired of all the end-of-year lists yet? The best movies, the acclaimed books, the top photographs, the most important news stories, the famous people who’ve died, the five best/five worst plays for the Bills . . . Well, here’s one more for you, dear loyal readers: the year in review on this blog.

I published 112 posts this year, although in the last couple of months my rate of posting has declined slightly due to other writing demands I’ve faced. Still, there have been plenty of posts to choose from for recapping the year. Here are some of the more popular ones in case you missed any or care to reread them:


I don’t review every book I read or movie/series I watch, just the ones where I have something to say. Here are a few of my favs:

Feature Film—“Past Lives”

Screen Series—“The Last of Us”

Book—“Demon Copperhead”


Yep, I’m a writer who writes and also writes about writing.

Reservations—a very short story that’s germinating into something more.

A Restful Night of Sleep—this type of sleep pattern might be familiar to some of you.

About That Ending—I published the novel, In Flight, this past year and readers have differing opinions about the ending.

Is Writer’s Block Real? That’s for each writer to decide.


I occasionally write about my family across generations and from a variety of angles.

The Multigenerational Household—it can and should work! (Since writing this post, Owen is now attending school in New Haven)

Did Bob Have a Midlife Crisis?—I wish I’d better known as people the two who were my parents. Bonus: My Mother the Movie Star.

Personal Reflections

Hard on Myself and Others—it’s a double whammy.

The Wellness Industry’s Dirty Little Secret—a popular and important piece written by Julia Klein.

One Window is Opening, and Another is Closing—combining my love of wilderness hiking with my fascination for windows. Also: Every Window is a World.

Coach Bernie was the Best—sometimes we say the right thing.

A Relaxing and Cooling Loneliness—I managed to create a mashup of Matthew Perry from Friends and Buddhist teachings!


September in the Adirondack Mountains.

Cover of my most recent novel.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog. I’m signing off for the year and will be back at it in January. Best wishes to all.

By David Klein

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, journalist, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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