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It was an inappropriate kiss. No, inappropriate implies an error in judgment, but also could mean an oblivious choice. She was definitely not oblivious. She knew exactly what she was doing. A forbidden kiss. That sounds mysterious and foreboding, promising trouble to come. But no, forbidden smacks of rules and regulations. It implies secrecy. This was a kiss out in the open that we all saw happen while we were sitting around the fire. And it gave her an electric thrill. No, not electric. That was just the first and easy word that came to mind. Come up with something better. A queasy thrill. No, not queasy, that’s too nauseating. We don’t want anyone throwing up over a kiss. A visceral thrill? No. Too intestine-y. It was a kiss uncertain in its meaning or intent. An uncertain thrill. No, a thrill can’t be uncertain: you’re either thrilled or you’re not. A tense thrill. What does that mean? A stirring thrill. A rousing thrill. Exhilarating. Bracing. None of those describe this thrill. It was an intoxicating thrill—yes! But no, there’s already enough intoxication going on. Most of us are drunk, or this wouldn’t even be happening. Okay, it gave her an electric thrill. Or maybe no thrill at all. Maybe they don’t even kiss.

By David Klein

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, journalist, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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