Lyrics to a Song


I have a musician friend who performs covers and now is trying his hand at writing his own songs, in particular love songs of the singer-songwriter variety. He asked me if I wanted to come up with some lyrics for him.

Knowing little about music and even less about songwriting, I asked him the chicken and egg question: what comes first, the tune or the lyrics? The answer is what I knew it would be: Yes.

This was the sky I saw recently and it inspired my first attempt. Maybe you’ll hear my friend singing it in a corner bar someday.

Before It Disappears

Hurry love come outside before it disappears
The sun is beaming, clouds have parted, rain has all but cleared

Forget your shoes just wear your socks and on my feet please stand
We’ll walk a little funny, I’ll hold tightly to your hand

There was a girl in Kansas
Who believed in dreams come true
Does that mean I’m dreaming
Standing here with you

I hope you hope like I do that our charm will last
The sky is playing magic tricks, our fearful storm has passed

There’s no sense in chasing when they say there is no end
So it’s you and me forever, if we can just pretend

There was a girl in Kansas
Who believed in dreams come true
If she could reach the other side
Maybe we can too

By David Klein

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, journalist, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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