How COVID Has Impacted Me So Far


I add these posts under the category “Coronavirus Diary” but I don’t write much about the impact of COVID-19. Turns out it’s just one of many negative impacts on our lives these days. I couldn’t have a blog category for each misfortune–the list would be too long.

And the impact on me has been a lot less than it’s been on millions of others. So I should appreciate that.

Impacts so far of COVID-19 on me:

  • Socializing isn’t a priority, but it turns out I’m good at social distancing.
  • I’ve tuned out the possibility of travel, other than necessity.
  • I wear masks when needed and wash my hands when I can.
  • I’ve mostly forgotten about touching my face and hope I don’t do it when I shouldn’t.
  • I miss my siblings and our house in Canada.
  • I read the very distressing news and get even more distressed.
  • I’ve given blood twice, which is not an easy or comfortable process, but one way I can give back.
  • I’m summoning spirits to deliver us a Trump loss in November. A big, big, very good, and landslide-like loss. Not only Trump. McConnell too.
  • At times, certain substances have been consumed at higher rates in an attempt to alleviate anxiety and improve mood. At times, this has helped.
  • I continue to work from home, so no change there. Except Harriet works from home now, too. We’ve each got our spaces. All is smooth. It’s the kids I feel bad about. Two of college-age. There’s a lot to miss out on for young people. There’s a lot of disruption. Much not is going the way they had planned, or hoped, or wanted.
  • Life lesson, I suppose. The world does not care. But I care, and I have to manage that distress. They’re young, but they are already strong. They inspire me to be better and do the right thing and feel the right way.
His strong moral compass helps guide me.
Her strength and determination inspire me.
By David Klein

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, journalist, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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