The Wind Chimes Were Quiet, and Still I Savored Them


Certain words are becoming important to me. One of them is savor. I wrote about savoring the experience of shaving. Today I took time to savor the wind chimes around our house. We have many.

Right now it’s ninety-five miserable degrees outside, the air is silent, nothing stirs the chimes. But when savor calls, you listen.

Our newest wind chime. This bronze beauty was a father’s day gift from Owen. The bells ring deep. In the background is a chime of whales that tinkle like crystal, but one is missing and the whole thing clings to a paper clip.
These four, carefully arranged to allow the casement window to open, front the breezeway. The bamboo one is battered, but I still love its sound. In the middle is a reliable and sturdy ringer. The pink glass one on the right is missing its sail, the thing that hangs down in the center and catches the wind. Above the pink one hides another gentle chime.

This one Harriet got from her parents. It hangs from the Southeast corner and sings a bold song. You can see the shadow of its sail on the house.
This copper one in the patio garden is indestructible. You don’t hear it unless the wind is strong. In the background, another silver soprano.
This bamboo chime is well camouflaged in the cherry tree. Its sound is soothing and gentle.
Former wind chime, all its musical components sacrificed to the storms.

So I like wind chimes. If you’ve ever seen the movie Body Heat, and I hope you have, I know you loved the scene when Ned comes over to Matty’s–to see her wind chimes. I can tell you that movie has stood the test of time.

Savor: it’s one of those words to live by. Another one is: Accept. I don’t know how to write about that one yet.

By David Klein

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, journalist, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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