3 Things I Must Work on in Singles Tennis


How to attack a short ball from an opponent when I have time and choice.

My opponent hits a weak return of serve, or a short floater in the ground game. It’s going to bounce before I get there. But I do have time to move up into position for an attacking shot. Too often I put an inside-out forehand into the net. I’m hitting down on the ball, trying to strike a winner. If I compensate for that, I too often hit the ball high and long. What’s a better way to handle this situation?

How to handle a drop shot that I have to race and lunge to return.

My opponent, seeing me behind the baseline and thinking me slow, hits a drop shot. I can get there on a sprint and lunge, but the ball is low and close to the net when I make contact. I will have to lift a return over. I have little body control, and there seems no possible return that my opponent won’t destroy for a winner. What do I do to stay in the point?

How to handle the heavy groundstrokes.

My opponent almost always hits better groundstrokes than I do. Deep to both sides and heavy with topspin. I don’t have the skill or strength to outhit them and I need a way to change the structure of the point. What shot can I make off a hard groundstroke that will get them off the baseline so I stand a better chance?

By David Klein

David Klein

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