First Post is the Hardest


Incredible how I had all these ideas to write about and when I go to write my first post my mind goes blank with fear. I didn’t expect it. As I writer, I usually dive in, and only later test the temperature of the water. Or even its depth. You can imagine some of the results I’ve gotten.

I’m using this website as a personal experiment. Does it work for me as a writer? I think it’s a Journal more than a Blog. I organized by Categories. Everyone reading online understands that classification, right? I’m not sure I do. I’ve never written with Categories in mind. I could have used Subjects, but that felt too academic, and doesn’t solve the problem from my end, which is how, as a writer, to work within the parameters of Categories.

And then Posts. Why not call them Posts? I could have said Entries, which matches well with Journal, but Journal Entries—that title promises personal secrets, and I don’t think I’m going that far. Certainly not in the beginning. So Journal Posts it is. Or maybe Journal Stories, because there will be some made-up stuff stuffed in here.

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By David Klein

David Klein

Published novelist, creative writer, avid reader, discriminating screen watcher.


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